Phone Accept allows you to accept card payments from your iPhone or Android phone and some tablets. With a free mobile application, a card reader and a Phone Accept account, you can access features like offline mode, inventory mode, apply discounts, sales tax, tips and email customers receipts.


Offline Mode

Unlike many smartphone applications, PayApp allows you to accept credit card payments even without a data signal or wifi connection. Payapp prompts you to upload your transactions to be processed as soon as you regain connectivity. Why  lose out on sales when you can have PayApp.


Device Agnostic Card Reader

  Our PayApp free card reader will work on nearly any smartphone or tablet so you can upgrade your phone without changing your point of sale. We keep up with all the latest devices so you can process worry free.

Flat Rate and Custom Pricing


PayApp can be priced at a simple flat rate of 2.65% per swiped transaction and 3.40% per keyed transaction with no monthly fees!  And for businesses processing more than $1000/month, we offer customized pricing to keep your rates low as your business grows.

Tips, Tax, Bells and Whistles


PayApp includes all the functionality you need to accept payments including pulling up inventory items for payment, applying discounts, including tips on transactions, setting up tax rates at multiple levels and emailing your customers their receipts. It even allows you to pull up historical transaction information and apply refunds on the fly.